How does Google work? Where does it bring the right answer to your every question, know here


Google working process The question arises whether Google gives the answer to your question itself or copy-pasted it from somewhere to answer. If you also do not have the answers to these questions, then we will tell you about the working process of Google.

Google working process: Google has become a part of every person's life today. If you have to search for anything, then Google is a help. You can search anything and in any language on Google by speaking, typing. Google answers every question in a few seconds. But do you know how Google works? After all, where does Google find the answer to your every question? The question arises whether Google answers your question itself, or copy-pasted from somewhere to answer. If you do not have the answers to these questions too, then we will tell you about the working process of Google. 

Where does Google get information?

Crawling:  The first step of Google Search is Crawling. Google crawls the pages continuously. Also, Google keeps adding new pages to its index. This process itself is called Crawling. For this, it uses the Google bot of Web Crawlers. The question arises that what are Google bots, then tell that it is a web crawlers software, which crawlers find web pages. By finding these web pages, Crawlers follow the links on them. These crawlers go from link to link and collect data and bring them to Google's servers. Through this process, new information is stored on the Google index.  

Indexing: When Crawlers find a webpage, then Google checks the content of that page. In addition to page content, it also includes images and videos. Google sees what the page that has been crawled is. Google checks the correct URLs, keywords, and content. Also, the latest page is identified. In this way, Google tracks all the information present in the search index. Also, Google removes copy-pasted content. All this information is stored in the Google Index and a large database is created about it.

How to make page index better

Users will always have to create meaningful full content for Google Search, whose headline, URL, and keywords exactly match the content. The title should be short. Use images and text to explain the content. At the same time, video is also used to explain any content in the present era.