Home Built Internet: The man built his own high-speed internet at home!


Home Built Internet:  This happens to almost everyone at some point or the other, when you are using a company's internet service and suddenly the internet slows down. It is normal to get frustrated in such a situation. But another big problem is that when the internet slows down, your work stops in the middle. Be it playing games or doing some important office work, every work requires good internet speed. Usually customers change the internet service provider to avoid this problem, but a villager living in Michigan, annoyed with the slow internet, developed his internet system and when the government came to know about this, the government announced a reward of crores of rupees to this person.


what is the whole matter 

This is the case of the year 2022 when Jared Mauch, who lives in a rural area of ​​Michigan, solved the problem of poor internet at home by creating a private fiber-internet service. Mauch works as a senior network architect, he returned to his home in 2002 but there was no high-speed internet line in his area. Because of this he used to get poor internet service. Let us tell you that according to the news of Mint, Mauch spent about $ 145,000 (more than Rs 1 crore) to create an internet company in about four years and has started providing his service fiber-to-the-home broadband in some areas of Lima Township and Scio Township. Mauch has also started adding customers and since then five kilometers of fiber has been used.

Impressed by this move of Mauch, the government has given government funding of 2.6 million dollars (about ₹21 crores) to Mauch. Let us tell you that this service offers unlimited data at the speed of 100Mbps at the cost of 55 dollars per month, even customers will be able to avail unlimited data offer at the speed of 1Gbps at the cost of 79 dollars per month. This service only charges internet and no extra tax is collected from the customers.