Holi: Friends poured a bucket full of water, the smartphone lying in the pocket got wet; do like this


Just imagine that Holi is on the way and you have set out to play Holi with your smartphone in your pocket. Meanwhile, someone poured a bucket full of colours on you. Or friends threw you in the water tank. In this case, how much damage will be done to your Smartphone? Keep in mind that no company covers water damage during warranty. In such a situation, if by mistake your phone gets immersed in water, then along with it your money will also get drowned.


What to do if water gets on the Smartphone
Now if you have become a victim of any of the accidents mentioned above, then here we will tell you some such tips, following which you can save the water-soaked smartphone from getting damaged.

Switch off the Smartphone
Switch off your smartphone immediately if there is moisture in the phone. Even if your phone is working properly, you still turn off the phone. Keeping the wet phone on may result in a short circuit. Apart from this, if your phone is already turned off, do not try to turn it on, nor try to check it's working by opening any app on the phone.

Remove the cover of the Smartphone
Remove the cover or protective case attached to the phone. By doing this, the water left on the cover of the phone will not be able to go inside your device. If water is filled in your phone case, it can damage the smartphone.

Clean the phone with cloth or tissue paper
Clean the water accumulated in the phone as soon as possible with the help of a cloth or tissue paper. Take care that this water does not go inside the charging point or SIM slot. Keep in mind that you do not have to rub the phone too much. Apart from this, the Smartphone should not be shaken to remove the water. By doing this water can reach inside the device.

Do not put a wet phone on charging
Do not make the mistake of putting your smartphone on charging when it is not completely dry. By doing this your phone can get worse. Apple suggests that the smartphone should not be charged for at least 5 hours under such circumstances.


Do not dry the phone with a hair dryer
The use of a hair dryer can increase your difficulty in the process of drying the smartphone quickly. Heat reaching inside a wet phone can damage its electronic parts.

Remove the moisture of the Smartphone with rice
As dry rice absorbs moisture, you can use them to dry your phone. First, wrap the phone in tissue paper. After this, put the phone in a packet of rice and keep it. After this wait at least 2 days to take out the phone. Keep in mind that in the meantime you do not have to turn on the smartphone.