Have you sent money to the wrong account through PhonePe, Paytm, or Google Pay, then get it back like this!


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Digital payments have boomed in India in the last few years. This change can be attributed to the convenience of transferring money seamlessly between bank accounts. Gone are the days when people had to make multiple trips to the bank. Now even small shopkeepers and big traders have adopted digital transactions. However, it is not uncommon for payments to get stuck or reach the wrong account. There are many ways to rectify such mistakes and get your money back.

When faced with the situation of accidentally transferring money to the wrong UPI or bank account, it is important not to panic. There is always hope of recovery even after the funds are transferred. Follow these steps to retrieve your money:


1. Contact customer care: Contact customer care of the payment platform you used, such as Google Pay, PhonePe, or Paytm UPI. Provide them with all the transaction details and register the complaint. The move is significant as per the guidelines set by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). Filing a complaint promptly within 3 working days of the transaction increases the chances of money recovery.

2. Register a complaint with your bank: Apart from contacting the customer care of the payment platform, also register a complaint with your bank. Inform them about the erroneous transaction and provide the necessary information. RBI guidelines state that money can be recovered within 48 hours of lodging a wrongful payment complaint.

3. UPI Incorrect Payment: If the incorrect payment was made through UPI or Net Banking, first of all, call 18001201740 and register a complaint. Afterward, visit your bank and complete the form providing the required details. If the bank refuses to assist you, escalate the issue to the Ombudsman of the Reserve Bank of India through bankingombudsman.rbi.org.in.

4. Protect Transaction Messages: It is important that you do not delete any transaction messages from your phone. These messages contain essential information including the PPBL number, which is important during the complaint process. Additionally, you can also lodge a complaint regarding wrongful payment on the website of the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). NPCI, established by the Reserve Bank of India, is responsible for providing UPI services.


Always exercise caution before making online payments. To avoid such complications, double-check whether the account or UPI you are transferring money to is correct or not.

By following these steps and taking immediate action, you can increase your chances of recovering money sent to the wrong account. Be vigilant during digital transactions and ensure accuracy to prevent unnecessary complications.