Have you also received an offer to buy an iPhone for Rs 8000 on Telegram, then know whether you should take it or not!



Recently, there has been an increase in advertisements for schemes and offers on Telegram. Various group chats share links and cards, often promoting incredible discounts on iPhones. These offers claiming to sell iPhones at incredibly low prices are particularly attractive. If you receive such messages, exercise caution before placing an order.

Misleading iPhone discount offer on Telegram:

Cleverly, Telegram is sharing iPhone discount offers through images, suggesting iPhone prices as low as Rs 8,000, as well as the Google Pixel and the likes between Rs 4,000 and Rs 5,000. Discounts are also being claimed on other premium smartphones priced at Rs. However, these offers are completely false. While online offers on iPhones and other smartphones are common, it is impossible to get premium devices at such low prices. These are sheer scams and one should stay away from such offers.


pc: Punjab Kesari

Cyber ​​Dost issues alert:

Cyber ​​Dost has issued an alert on X-handle, cautioning users about fraudulent schemes on Telegram that promise cheap iPhones but may lead to scams. Falling prey to such scams can result in financial loss.

Risks of Fraud:

There is a lot of risk in buying an iPhone for Rs 8,000 on Telegram. Due to the attraction of such offers, you may become a victim of fraudulent activities. There's a possibility of paying for an iPhone that you'll never receive. Sellers who press for immediate payment should arouse suspicion, indicating possible fraud.

Possible scenarios:

Non-delivery of iPhone:

It is possible that, after making the payment, you may not receive the promised iPhone.

Low-quality or stolen iPhone:

iPhones sold at unrealistically low prices may be substandard or even stolen. Additionally, there is no warranty or return policy for such devices.