Hacking: What did the report reveal about Cyber Fraud!


Cyber ​​Fraud: In today's time, smartphones, computers, and laptops have become an integral part of our lives. Nowadays most people use these devices. With its help, people can book tickets online while sitting at home using the internet, make online bill payments, get information about any topic in the country and the world, chat with their friends and relatives, listen to audio -Make video calls, share audio-video files. 


One in four people became a victim of hacking

Along with this, these devices have also not remained untouched by hackers. In the first three months of this year (January-March), one in every four people has faced hacking. According to a report, malware remains a major cyber threat. Let us tell you about it in detail. 

What did the report reveal? 

Global security company Kaspersky's report states that 22.9% of internet users in India had to face threats coming from the web during this period. At the same time, about 20.1% of users were troubled due to the threats present in their computers.

This malware proved to be the most dangerous 

The company says that malware in particular is still a big threat to people and companies. Hackers are taking advantage of vulnerabilities in Internet browsers and their add-ons. The report said that "file-less malware" proved to be the most dangerous in this quarter because it does not leave any evidence of attack.

Social engineering methods like phishing, baiting, and pretexting are also being used to deceive Indian users. According to Kaspersky, their web security has stopped more than 12.4 million Internet threats during January-March. At the same time, more than 1 crore 67 lakh threats present in the computer have also been detected and blocked.