Government's big 'digital strike'! These phones will become junk, know the reason!


The number of scams is increasing in India. The government is also making every possible effort to stop this. As soon as summer arrives, there is a concern that the electricity may be cut off. Scammers are also taking advantage of this. A scam named Electricity KYC Scam Update has come to light. Which has surprised everyone. The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) in India has ordered to block 392 mobile phones. These mobile phones were being used in the electricity KYC update scam.


How does the Electricity KYC update scam work?

Some fraudsters are sending messages to people via SMS and WhatsApp posing as electricity company officials. These fake messages ask people to update their KYC (Know Your Customer) information, otherwise the electricity will be cut off. These messages often contain links that can cause harm to you if clicked, or you are asked for your personal information. Fraudsters then use this information to earn money.

Action taken with the help of the Chakshu portal

The 'Chakshu' app has proved to be very helpful to the government in catching these fraudsters. This is a government app on which people can register complaints about any suspicious phone call or message. Recently, people have lodged many complaints related to the electricity KYC update scam on the 'Chakshu' app. Taking note of these complaints, the government used an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system on the 'Chakshu' app itself. This AI system investigated and detected 392 mobile phones and more than 31,740 mobile numbers that were involved in this scam. After this, the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) ordered telecom companies to block these mobile numbers and phones across the country.

How to avoid an Electricity KYC update scam?

- Do not click on any link or download attachments in messages claiming to be from the electricity department.

- Never share personal information like bank details, OTP, or account numbers in messages.

- If in doubt, contact your electricity department directly on its website or phone number.

- Check your electricity department's website or social media pages to get information about KYC updates.

- Use a strong password for your online electricity bill account and turn on two-factor authentication.