Google: What are the expectations from Google I/O?


Google is going to organize Google I/O, its annual conference for its developers tonight. This program will take place at 10 am according to American time, i.e. it will start at 10:30 pm in India. Earlier there was news that Google would launch the Pixel 8a phone in this event, but surprisingly the company launched the phone last week itself, and today it has also come on sale. So now Pixel 8a will not be launched, but what else can be seen in this event, and how can you see it in India? Let us know...


Google I/O 2024: Live Stream

As mentioned, Google I/O 2024 will start tonight at 10:30 pm with the keynote address by Sundar Pichai. This program will be held at Shoreline Amphitheater in California, America. For those who cannot attend in person, the event will be live-streamed on Google's official YouTube channel and the official website of I/O 2024.

What are the expectations from Google I/O?

Seeing the increasing popularity of chatbot-building AI tools like ChatGPT and CoPilot, Google is taking further steps in the field of AI through its J Mini model. This powerful AI not only runs Google's new chatbot but is also being used in the tools of many big companies including Samsung's Galaxy smartphones. Tonight's Google I/O conference is expected to see more similar collaborations announced, perhaps even with Apple to integrate Gemini into iOS features.

Google is moving towards introducing a more advanced chatbot J Mini in place of its old Assistant. This change and its related implications, such as how it will affect smart home devices that use Google Assistant, may be discussed at the Google I/O conference. It is also expected that in this conference there will be discussion on how Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be included in all the products of Google. In this, perhaps information can be found to further improve J Mini and bring new AI capabilities to Pixel phones.

Another special thing going to happen in Google I/O 2024 is the in-depth information about Android 15. This is the latest version of Android. Its first beta version has just arrived, but at this conference, it will be told what is new. It is noteworthy that Google I/O has always been a platform to showcase new features. This gives developers and tech enthusiasts an opportunity to learn new technology directly. According to the information received so far, Android 15 may have some special features, such as sharing a part of the screen, pausing notifications for a while, and improving health tracking. Along with this, new APIs can also be introduced to increase the performance of apps and provide more information about their storage.