Google Wallet App service started for some users in India, know what are its benefits!


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Google Wallet app has started appearing on the Play Store for some Indian users. This app will help users store their credit cards, debit cards, flight boarding passes, movie tickets and many other documents digitally. Users will be able to store all these documents in digital format within the Google Wallet app. It is worth noting that this service has been available in the United States (US) for more than two years. It seems that soon Indian users will also be able to use it.

Google Wallet on the Play Store

According to a report by TechCrunch, Google Wallet has started becoming available for some Indian users. While the Google Wallet app was previously not available on the Play Store for Indian users, many people have now reported on the social media platform that they can download it directly from the Google Play Store. Although the app is listed on the Google Play Store, it cannot be downloaded at the moment.

Earlier, Indian users had to manually download the APK of the Google Wallet app to use it on their Android phones. Now, some Indian users claim that they can download the Google Wallet app directly from the Play Store.

Google's digital wallet

As of now, Google has not officially issued any statement regarding the launch of the Google Wallet app service for Indian users. Google Wallet app can be considered as a digital wallet provided by Google. In this wallet, users can save almost all types of digital documents and use them when needed.

Carrying various documents together has always been challenging and there is always the fear of losing them. Although facilities like DigiLocker are available for this purpose in India, it seems that Google is preparing to bring the Google Wallet app in India to compete with them.

In the Google Wallet app, users can manually create a digital version of any document with a QR code or barcode. The app can store credit cards, debit cards, and transit passes, which can be used for contactless payments on NFC-enabled phones.