Google Tech: The hassle of copying links in Google App is over, now 'Share' button will be available!


Google Apps:  Earlier, when you used to search in Google app and wanted to share the link of any website, you had to first open that link, copy the URL, and then send it to someone. But, it is not so now. Now a new "Share" button has arrived in the Google app. This search button allows the user to share anything instantly, that too without opening it. Let us tell you in detail about this share button. 


Artem Russakovskii, founder of Android Police, has shared information about it. He has shared a post about this on social media platform X (formerly Twitter). 

Where can I find this share button?

You will find this share button in the three-dot menu in front of the search result. By pressing this button, you can directly copy the link, send it to someone, or share it on any app. It was not like this earlier. Earlier the user had to open the complete link and then got the option to copy.

When will this share button not work?

Note that this "Share" button will not work for all links. For example, if a link takes you to an app on the Google Play Store, you will not be able to share it.

You can copy a link by right-clicking on a web browser, but this feature is not available in the Google app. By pressing the button with three dots there, you get information about that website, from there you can share the link, save it, or give feedback to Google. Apart from this, the Notes feature also came in the Google app last year. With this, you can write and read notes on search results. Besides, Google has also introduced the SGE (Search with Generative AI) feature which shows search results with the help of Artificial Intelligence.