Google News: Many users complained that Google News was not working!


Google Service Down: Many services of Google suddenly went down on Friday. As soon as this happened, there was panic among the users. However, after being down for a long time, these have been restored. Information about the downtime of these services came after 6 pm. Actually, due to a disruption in the news section 'Google News' of the internet search engine Google on Friday evening, many users faced problems in using this service. However, after some time the problem was resolved and users started getting positive results when searching about the latest events.


Actually, during the disruption, when I tried to find out about the latest developments on Google News, the new news was not showing. This message was appearing on the screen, please try again. Some users also complained of disruption in Google's Gmail services for some time during the day. However, Gmail services became smooth after some time. 

The situation of disruption continued...

According to some users, they also faced disruption for some time on Google Discover, which shows personal content feeds., a website that gives details about the status of internet services, said that the reason for the disruption in Google News is not clear and no official statement has come from Google yet. Many users around the world, including India, are likely to be affected by this disruption. Many Google users also expressed their displeasure on social media regarding this.

Gmail, Google Search… Google Maps too

Downdetector has also released statistics on this entire issue. It was said that in some countries the services of Gmail, Google Search, and Google Maps have also been affected. However, this has not been confirmed in India. It was also said that till 7 pm on Friday, 65 percent of the people had shared the problem. In this, websites related to Google were not accessible.