Google Maps shows you the way for free, then how does Google earn from maps?


We often use Google Maps to find the way, Google provides its map service to the users for free. Then how does Google bear the cost of providing map service? If you have ever thought about this, you definitely would not have got the answer. If so, then there is no need to search Google further about this, because we are going to tell you the way of earning money from Google through Google Maps.

Actually, many such things are also shown in Google Maps which are undoubtedly useful for you, but Google takes payment for showing them. Google covers the maintenance cost of its map service and the users do not even know about it. So let us know for which things on Google Maps the company takes payment from others instead of users.

How does Google Maps work?

Before knowing the source of earnings from Google Maps, it is important to know how Google Maps works. Google Maps currently has more than 154 million users in the world. Google Maps works in 5 ways. Google first works with geography mapping, in which it collects geography map data from government institutions. In which it collects data from many departments like Forest Department, Railway Department, Geological Department.

Image partner for an aerial view

Google Maps uses Image Partners for aerial view images, in which images are taken from satellites and aircraft to provide high-quality images on Google Maps. A lot of money is spent on this through Google Maps.

Transit partner

Google Maps also takes the help of transit partners, through which accurate information about traffic on the road is available. As a transit partner, Google takes the help of a government agency, which provides Google with instant traffic information. Apart from this, information including bus and rail stops is available in it.

Information through mobile

Google Maps collects our location data. Due to GPS, Google Maps provides information like traffic and shortcuts. Along with this, many users provide their information to Google Maps.

How does Google Maps earn?

Google does not take any payment from users for its map service. But still, Google earns a lot through maps. In this, the first source of earning for Google Maps is advertising, in which Google shows the option of Top Search or Top Place. Some popular places are mentioned in it, and Google Maps takes payment for pinning them, which is its source of earnings.

Apart from this, today app services like Zomato, Rapido and Uber take the help of Google Maps for the delivery of products. Which is called Google Map API. Google takes payment from these aggregators for this. Google has fixed a fee for Map API. Along with this, Google Maps has partnered with many businesses. If you search the location, you will see the option of the cab. Uber will appear in this option with the help of which you can book a cab.