Google Maps: Now Google Maps will save you petrol, and your car will give more mileage, know how!


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If you are worried about the skyrocketing prices of petrol, then Google has introduced a useful feature in Google Maps to ease your worries. Although you might already be using Google Maps for navigation, a new feature called Fuel Saving Feature is going to be added for your convenience. This feature, which is available only in some countries so far, will soon be integrated into the app for Indian users.

How will Google Maps' Fuel Saving Feature help?:

The fuel-saving feature in Google Maps estimates the fuel consumption for the route you plan to take. Google considers current traffic and road conditions to provide an estimate. After this, Google Maps shows an alternative route that helps save fuel. Gal Maps will do the job but it will depend on you which route you prefer to take.



How to turn on Google Maps Fuel Saving Feature:

Here's how you can turn on the fuel-saving feature in Google Maps:

Open Google Maps on your phone and tap your profile photo or your initials that appear in the app.

Go to Settings and tap Navigation options.

Within the navigation options, navigate to the Root option, then select " Prefer fuel-efficient routes" Tap on.

Later, click on Engine Type and choose from the given options.


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Pay attention

It is very important to give correct information to Google Maps about which engine is provided in your vehicle. In such a situation, if you do not provide correct information then the fuel saving feature will not be able to give you accurate information about how much fuel you will be able to save on the other route.