Google Maps: If you rely too much on Google Maps then doing so can land you in trouble as the recent incident in Kerala!


Google Maps:  Google Maps is known for our convenience and this application is very useful for you. Usually, when we have to go to a place about which we do not have any information, we feed the location of that place on Google Maps, after which Google Maps tells us which route we can take to reach our destination easily. However, doing this proved costly for a group of tourists when their car started sinking into deep water and their lives were in danger.


Tourists were using Google Maps 

The vehicle of a group of tourists traveling based on Google Maps started sinking into the water when they thought they were moving in the right direction. A tourist group from Hyderabad, who used Google Maps to travel from one place to another near Kuruppanathara in South Kerala, went into deep water along with their vehicle.

Police said on Saturday that the tourists were rescued but their vehicle was submerged in water. The incident happened late Friday night when a four-member group, including a woman, was headed towards Alappuzha. The group said that the road on which they were traveling was flooded with drain water due to heavy rains.

The tourists did not know about this area, so they decided to use Google Maps. However, in no time their vehicle went into deep water. Due to the efforts of the nearby police patrol unit and residents, all four tourists were rescued but their vehicle went into deep water. An officer of Kaduthuruthy police station said, "Efforts are on to pull it (the vehicle) out." This is not the first such incident in Kerala. In October last year, two young doctors died in a car accident. According to the information, they drowned in the water due to using Google Maps.