Google Lens New Feature: You must have heard about Google Lens!


Google Lens Update:  You must have heard about Google Lens. This is a tool of Google with which you can find information about a picture by clicking it. Along with this, many other types of features are also available in it, which make the work of the users easier. This is a very useful tool for the users. But now Google is trying to make this tool even better. So that you can get more accurate results by giving more information along with the pictures. Let us tell you about it in detail. 


Until now, on Google Lens, the user had to first take a picture and then press the microphone icon and answer the question. But soon this method can become even easier. According to the Android Authority report, after examining the new beta version of the Google app, it has been found that Google is going to introduce a feature through which you will be able to click a photo and ask a question by pressing and holding the camera button. This means that both tasks will be done simultaneously. 

Another feature may come in the future 

Apart from this, another new feature can come in Google Lens in the future which can be called "Search with Video". Right now this feature does not work, but it is possible that soon you will be able to get information from Google Lens by making a short video and asking questions instead of just taking a picture. This method can be even more easy and helpful.

However, both these features are not present in Google Lens right now, but it is expected that they will be used soon. Google is also working on similar smart glasses, which were recently showcased in the Google I/O event. It is possible that in the future this new technology will also be used in such glasses.

This information has been taken from the code of the Google app, and these features may never come out. But if they do, then using Google Lens will become even easier and you will be able to get more accurate answers by providing more information along with the pictures.