Google: If you want to stay away from scammers then stop searching these things on Google from today itself.


You must have also seen that in today's time, big incidents of scams are coming to the fore among the people. Every day someone or the other becomes its victim. In such a situation, if you also want to stay away from all this, then today we are telling you which things you should stop searching on Google. 

Coupons, Offers:

Let us tell you that during the festive season, you often search for coupons and offers on Google in order to make cheap purchases and this is the reason why you often become a victim of scammers. In such a situation, stop searching on Google.

Customer Care Number:

Along with this, you should stop searching the customer care number of any company on Google. Cyber ​​​​thugs keep a close eye on this too and they make you their victim. Along with this, do not search information related to banking on Google. 

pc- bhaskar