Google Docs Tips- One such feature of Google Docs, which is special for you, will increase your respect in the office


In the age of smartphones , having a Google account has become almost a part of device ownership. Most users are familiar with Google Drive , a feature that comes pre-installed on Android phones. However , it is surprising how few people utilize it to its full potential. Many people may not realize that Google Docs exists within Google Drive , which is a powerful and free alternative to Microsoft Word , today through this article we will tell you about its features that simplify your work-

1. Voice Typing: Type without typing

Feeling tired from typing ? Google Docs has a solution. You can use voice typing in multiple languages ​​including Hindi and English. Simply log into your Gmail account , click the nine dots next to your profile photo , open Google Drive, and then access Google Docs. Click on "New" at the top left , go to "Tools" in the menu bar and there you will find the voice typing option.

2. Clear up formatting: Organize your content

Copy-pasting content from different websites often causes formatting issues in Google Docs. To address this , select the entire content and clear the formatting by going to the "Format" option in the menu bar or clicking "TeX" at the top right of the document.


3. Optimized Image Placement: Enhance Your Documents

Google Docs allows you to add text as well as images of any size you want. To do this , go to "Insert" > " Drawing" > " Shape" in the menu bar. After selecting the image , click " T" ( text box) to overlay text on the image.

4. Collaborative Editing: Tag and Communicate

Similar to Microsoft Word , Google Docs supports collaborative editing. If you're working on a document and need feedback or suggestions , select the relevant sentence , tag the person you want to include , and have them receive an email notification.