Google Accounts: Google will delete these accounts in December, is it your account too?


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Google is set to take an important step next week as the company has announced that it will be removing inactive Google Accounts from December 1st. Not only the accounts but also services like Gmail, Google Photos, Google Drive and Contacts will be removed.

The move is motivated by the company's plan to update its in-active account policy from December 1. According to Google's new policy, any Google account that has not been used or signed in to in the last two years will include associated services like Gmail, Docs, Drive, Meet, and Calendar.

Keep your Google Account activated like this:

If your Google account has been inactive for the last two years, then you will have to do some important work so that your account remains active.

Sending and reading emails.

Using Google Drive.

Downloading apps from Google Play Store.

Using Google Search

Sign in to your Google Account in third-party apps.

Logging in to your Google Photos account.


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Please pay attention:

This policy of Google will not apply to school or business accounts. Not only this, Google will send notifications several times before deleting any account.

Google Account Password: Recover password like this

Go to

Enter your Gmail ID.

Click on "Forgot Password".

If your Android device has a Google account set up, Google will send a notification to your phone. Select the "Yes" option.

You will then be asked to create a new password.