Good news for Apple iPhone users in India, ChatGPT is now available in App Stores!



Apple iPhone users in India can access OpenAI's ChatGPT through a dedicated iOS app. The ChatGPT app is free to use and syncs your history across devices. It also integrates Whisper, our open-source speech-recognition system that enables voice input. ChatGPT Plus customers get exclusive access to the capabilities of GPT-4, early access to features, and faster response times, all on iOS.

Initially, the app was only available in the US but after a few days, it was launched in Albania, Croatia, France, Germany, Ireland, Jamaica, Korea, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Nigeria, and the UK. Now the company has established operations in Algeria, Argentina, Azerbaijan, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Estonia, Ghana, India, Iraq, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Lithuania, Mauritania, Mauritius, Mexico, The app has also been introduced in Morocco, Namibia, Nauru, Oman, Pakistan, Peru, Poland, Qatar, Slovenia, Tunisia, and the United Arab Emirates.

With the new ChatGPT app, Apple iPhone users will be able to find accurate information without having to search through ads or multiple results. AI will help users get guidance on how to cook food, travel plans, or craft thoughtful messages. It can also provide gift ideas, outline a presentation, or write a poem.

The new app is supposed to help iPhone users increase productivity with idea feedback, note summaries, and technical topic assistance. In addition, users will be able to explore new languages, modern history, and more at their own pace.

OpenAI has also confirmed that Android users, you are next! ChatGPT is coming soon to your device.