Good news for Android users! Google is bringing these amazing features


Google New Features: Google has brought some new features for Android smartphone users. These features have been created to make the daily work of the user easier. These features provide many facilities to the users. Let us tell you about these features in detail. 


Hotspot sharing and video call switching

Soon, users will be able to connect their smartphone's hotspot to their tablet or Chromebook with just one tap. Also, during a Google Meet call, you will be able to switch to another device with the help of the Cast icon. For example, if you have to change your phone in the middle of a call, you can transfer the call to another phone, tablet, or web browser by pressing the Cast icon. 

New emojis

Google is bringing a new emoji-mixing feature. You can create new stickers by mixing your favorite emojis like a disco ball and headphones and then share them with your friends.

Control smart home devices from the home screen

Now you can put the Google Home Favourites widget on your phone's home screen to easily control your most used smart devices. This feature is available for public preview and anyone can use it.

Run smart home devices from your smartwatch

People using smartwatches with Wear OS will also be able to control their smart home devices with the help of the Google Home Favourites tile. If you want, you can open the door, dim the lights, or change the temperature.

digital car key

Now you will be able to use digital car keys in some other cars as well. Currently, this feature has been started in some special MINI model cars. Soon it will be used in Mercedes-Benz and Polestar cars as well. With this feature, you can unlock and close the car from your phone, start the car, and even share the digital car key with your friends and family.