Gmail Tips and Tricks: Annoyed by the storage of Gmail account, you will get extra space in minutes, here is the process


When you go to the market, you would think that if the basket was a little bigger, you would have bought more stuff. Due to the small size of the basket, you will be carrying less stuff or you may juggle another basket. Something similar happens with Google's email service, Gmail. Gmail is very useful in our professional as well as personal life. We use Gmail the most for office or other work. Gmail provides many facilities to its users. 15 GB of free storage is given in Gmail. Sometimes due to more mail in it, its storage also gets full, after which you need more storage. You have to pay some fee to get more storage than this. But today we will tell you some tips, by following which you can get rid of the storage problem in your mail account. Let me tell you some easy tips...


delete unnecessary mails
First of all, delete unnecessary emails to increase space in Gmail.
Often you have seen that in a day, many companies get ad-filled emails which are not of any use to us. Along with unsubscribing from these ads, delete these unnecessary mails.

Delete the mail which is not useful from social and promotion. Due to this a lot of space will be cleared from your mail.


delete attachments
Most emails come with many attachments that cover a significant amount of space in the mail. If any of these are not useful, then delete them, so that there is enough space.

For this, search size 5m in the search window of Gmail. After this, all those mails will come in front of you, with which attachments of more than 5 MB have come. Clear the Trash by deleting the ones that are not of your use.

delete old mail
Our emails contain old mails that occupy unnecessary space. Free up space by deleting all of them.