Gmail Tips: A new update has arrived, now delete all e-mails with one click, this is the method!


Google gives a total of 15GB of free storage to every Gmail user which users can use for their Google Photos, e-mail and Google Drive. Some users' work gets done with this storage, but most of the users start facing storage problems. After Gmail's storage runs low, users have two options.

The first is to buy storage and the second is to delete old e-mails. In the first method, money has to be spent, but not in the second one. Till now it was not possible to delete all the emails in Gmail at once but now it is possible. You can delete all emails in Gmail with a single click. Let us tell you its method. 

How to delete all emails in Gmail in one click?

  • First of all, login to Gmail in the web browser of your phone or laptop.
  • Now click on the checkbox visible at the top of the Gmail inbox. 
  • After this, all the e-mails visible on one page will be selected.
  • Now the option to Select all
  • Click on it. After this, all the e-mails will be selected.
  • After this, delete all the e-mails by clicking on delete.
  • Similarly, you can also delete promotional and social category e-mails.