Gadgets: Know tips that boost the cooling of your cooler!


Cooler Boosting:  Summer season has arrived and people have started facing a lot of problems due to the heat. The temperature is increasing rapidly and in such a situation the cooler is not able to cool properly. In such a situation, if you have to depend on the cooler for the entire season, then today we are going to tell you tips that boost the cooling of your cooler. 


Do not keep the cooler in the sun

Often people keep the cooler in a sunny place. They feel that the hot air will turn into cold air. But this does not happen. Keep the cooler in a place where there is no direct sunlight. If there is sunlight everywhere in the house, then make such arrangements so that direct sunlight does not fall on the cooler.

Give some space around the cooler

Whether the cooler is new or old, always keep it in an open place. The cooler provides cool air in the open air. The cooler can be fixed to the window. You will get good air from here. 

ventilation is necessary

If you are using a cooler at home then it is important to have ventilation in the room. If there is no ventilation then the room becomes humid. The cooler will provide cooling only when the air comes out.

keep changing the grass

If you are using an old cooler, then first change its grass. Dust accumulates in old grass and water does not flow. In such a situation, change the grass at least twice in a season. Remember that there must be a gap between the grasses.