From fake calls, SMS to WhatsApp messages, complain about every fraud on Chakshu portal!


Online Scam:  Cases of online fraud are increasing continuously. Hackers use many methods to steal people's personal information. Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has launched the Chakshu portal to prevent cases of online scam, which helps users to report fake phone numbers. 


What happens when a user reports on the Chakshu portal

Chakshu platform is for anyone who wants to report a number used for fraudulent communications. These communications could be related to bank, credit cards, digital payment, SIMs, gas connections, etc. When a user reports suspicious activity on Chakshu, TRAI investigates it, and if the number is found guilty, the service of that number can be disconnected and necessary legal action can also be taken.

What can you complain about?

Users can report fraudulent calls, SMS, or even WhatsApp messages on the Chakshu portal. To report fraudulent activity, you have to choose one of the already mentioned fraud communication categories, such as KYC, impersonation, fake customer care helpline, online job, sextortion, dangerous link or website, etc. If you have any images or screenshots, you can also attach them while filing the report. Users will also have to enter information such as the date and time of the fraudulent communication and also write a description of the incident.

To prevent misuse of this platform, users will also have to enter personal information such as their name and phone number and verify their phone number using a one-time password (OTP) to successfully file a report. The Chakshu portal aims to protect users from fraud. If you have already been a victim of online fraud, you can also report it by calling 1930 or visiting