Fraud Alert: You have also received a call from the policeman and informed that there is an illegal parcel in your name, so do this immediately!


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The Home Ministry has issued a warning to the public about fake police officers involved in a new kind of fraud. Scammers pose as police or government officials and claim that the parcels seized in the recipient's name contain illegal items. After this, some questions are answered, in which personal details of the users are asked and it is taken advantage of.

If you encounter such a scam, exercise caution. Do not trust any phone calls of this type and avoid sharing personal details. These details may include your banking information. Report any suspicious phone calls to the cyber police immediately.

Information about this courier scam has been shared on the social media account “Cyber ​​Dost” run by the Home Ministry.

Information about this courier scam has been given on the social media account Cyber ​​Dost, which is being handled by the Home Ministry.

These fraudulent persons, posing as police or National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) officials, falsely claim that an illegal item has been detected in your parcel/courier.

What to do in such a situation:

  • Beware of unexpected police/NCRB calls.
  • Beware of sudden calls from police or NCRB officials.
  • Try to independently verify whether the caller is real or fake.
  • Avoid giving personal or banking-related information over the phone.
  • Inform your friends and family about such incidents to raise awareness.

Report suspicious call:

If you receive any such phone call, immediately report it on the official website of Cyber ​​Crime: Alternatively, you can dial 1930 to share information about such incidents. Be alert and protect yourself from becoming a victim of these deceptive schemes.