Fraud Alert: If you are also making this mistake then you can become bankrupt, HDFC Bank issued a warning!


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It has become easy for cyber attackers to hack people's bank accounts. In this regard, HDFC Bank has alerted its account holders and advised them to avoid mistakes. According to the bank, if you make these mistakes then your bank account may become empty.

According to HDFC Bank, never keep your Bluetooth on all the time. It has been observed that we often turn on Bluetooth to connect our smartphones to earphones, laptops, and other gadgets, but it should be turned off immediately after use.


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Secondly, whenever you use your banking app, do not close it without logging out. Doing this can be dangerous. Therefore, it is important to log out every time before closing the app.

Apart from this, whenever you use public Wi-Fi, never use your banking services during that time. Doing so can be risky as it creates a risk of hacking.


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Whenever you set a password for an app, do not use the same password as any previous app. If you do this, attackers can access your banking apps if the PIN is leaked.

Also, HDFC Bank advises that whenever you submit your phone to the service center for repair, you should delete it first. Because giving the phone for repair in this way can be dangerous for you.