FasTag Scam: Do not search on Google for Fastag recharge, a person got scammed worth lakhs!


pc: The Economic Times

Today people are using Fastag in all vehicles. In such a situation, scams related to Fastag are increasing a lot. In India, whenever something starts being used more or starts being discussed, scams start happening in its name. Fastag scams have been increasing rapidly in the last few days. Recently, searching Fastag through Google proved costly for a person and Rs 2.4 lakh was withdrawn from his account. Let's know about such scams...

Taking help from Google to recharge may be expensive

If you are also having trouble recharging your Fastag account, then you should not take direct help from Google and if you are taking help then be very cautious because a person had searched the customer care number of Fastag on Google. The person got a number on which he called and the person talking on the phone introduced himself as a Fastag customer executive and promised to help.

Empty account remotely through an app

Trusting the customer care, the person downloaded an app on his phone. After this, on the pretext of customer care, the fraudster made six transactions and withdrew Rs 2.4 lakh from the person's account. After this, he hung up the phone and switched it off.

What not to do:

Go directly to the website of the concerned company for the customer service number.

Do not search for customer care numbers on Google.

Do not install any app on your phone on someone's advice.

Do not share bank details with anyone.