Fastag Rules: If Fastag has been deactivated or blacklisted, know what to do in such a situation? otherwise fine will be imposed!


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If you have a car at home, you would be familiar with FASTag as it is the method through which you pay toll tax once you reach the border of another city or state. If you do not have FASTag, you will have to pay double tax. At present, some new rules have been made regarding FASTag, which also includes deactivating the stickers of those who have not completed KYC for FASTag. Additionally, some FASTags have also been blacklisted. Today we are telling you what to do if your FASTag becomes inactive.

KYC is necessary:

​​Recently the government has made KYC mandatory for FASTags. The deadline for this was extended from January 1 to the end of February. Despite this expansion, many people have not completed this work. Now, their FASTags are not working and have been deactivated. People are wondering how they can activate it now.


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Options after deactivation:

If one's FASTag has been deactivated, there is no other way to activate it except by completing KYC. After completing KYC, you will have to apply for a new Fastag. For this, you can contact the authorized centers of NHAI or your bank. You can also buy Fastag from centers near toll plazas, although this may take some time.


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With the implementation of the One Vehicle, One Fastag policy, KYC has been made mandatory by the government. This means that if someone has more than one FASTag, they will all be deactivated. Only one Fastag will work. Other Fastags of such people have been blacklisted. If you also do not want to pay double the money, then get your KYC done immediately and get a new FASTag installed on your car.