Fastag Rules: Fastag of this bank will stop working from today, will have to pay double tax!


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If you drive a car, you would be familiar with FASTag, which is used to pay toll tax on many occasions.

In this era of digitalization, people complete every small and big task through their phones. That is why lakhs of people have chosen FASTag through Paytm.

Now, with the closure of Paytm's banking services by RBI, all FASTags issued by Paytm Bank will also be deactivated.


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NHAI has made it clear that after March 15, all Paytm FASTags will be completely closed. Users of such FASTags will have to pay double tax.

No recharge or top-up will be possible for any Paytm Fastag after March 15, although the remaining balance can be redeemed.

NHAI has released a list of all other banks from where people can get the new FASTag and avoid the penalty.

You can get FASTag online or offline, as both options are available. You can get this option on the website of any bank, and you can also get FASTag from any authorized NHAI center.