Fastag KYC: Get this work done by 31st January, otherwise you will have to pay this much fine from next month.


If you regularly travel by car, there is news of your work. The news is that if you have not yet updated Fastag KYC, then go and do it now, otherwise you will have to face fine from next month.

As of now you have time till 31st January to get this work done. If it is not updated by this date, then this Fastag will stop working and you may have to pay a fine. 

It has been said by the Central Government that if the KYC of Fastag is not updated by January 31, all such Fastags will be deactivated.

If you have not updated the KYC of Fastag, then from next month you will have to pay double tax when crossing any toll plaza. If there is a tax of Rs 200 on any toll then you will have to pay Rs 400. Whenever you do not update the KYC of your Fastag, the same thing will happen to you. 

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