E Sim: You will get relief from the breakage of your SIM, you will be able to track your mobile easily even if it is stolen!



Be it a smartphone or data connectivity, the most important thing is a SIM card. This SIM card serves as the user's identity and provides a phone number to contact. Nowadays, with the advancement in technology, we are seeing many important changes. The trend of eSIM is quite popular these days. eSIM is gradually replacing physical SIM cards. It allows people to use all the telecom services without any hassle of inserting a physical SIM card. Here we will tell you how you can switch your physical SIM to eSIM and what benefits you can get from it.

Benefits of using eSIM:

eSIM can prove to be much better than a physical SIM card. Many mid-range and premium smartphones currently available in the market offer the facility to use eSIM. Apart from this, major telecom companies are also offering eSIM services. Among the many advantages of eSIM, the most important one is that eSIM phones provide many advantages from tracking the phone to transferring data in case of theft.

Easy tracking in case of phone theft:

If your smartphone has an eSIM, then you will have less worry about your phone being lost or stolen. This is because a thief can easily remove or destroy a physical SIM card. However, this is difficult to do with eSIM-enabled phones. So, if your phone has an eSIM, it can be tracked when you turn it on.

This means that the phone can be tracked after it is lost or stolen, increasing the chances of getting the phone back. Due to the presence of virtual software on the phone, it becomes easy to trace the location of the phone.

Connect multiple devices

eSIM lets you link interconnected devices to a single number. For example, devices such as smartphones and smartwatches can be interconnected. All these devices can use telecommunication services.

How to use eSIM

If you are starting to use eSIM, first check the compatibility of your smartphone. If your smartphone supports eSIM, contact your telecom operator. Companies like Jio, Airtel, and Vi are offering eSIM options to their users. If you want, you can also convert your existing physical SIM card into eSIM. Here we are telling you the process to activate Jio's eSIM.

To activate e-SIM like this,

you will have to type the message Jio: GETESIM from your Jio number and send it to 199. Then go to the Settings app and find your IMEI and EID number. After that, you will receive an SMS with a guide for further process.

Now a QR code will be sent to your registered email ID. If you want to change your email ID, you can verify your email address from your MyJio app and update it. After this scan this QR code and your work will be done.