Dyson WashG1 Wet Floor Cleaner has come to remove all traces of dirt!


Dyson WashG1 is a floor cleaner that can clean wet and dry dirt in one go. WashG1 is specially designed to clean large, hard floors so you get a spotlessly clean home. 


Dyson has added a new addition to its floorcare technology – the Dyson WashG1. This is a floor cleaner that can clean wet and dry dirt in one go. WashG1 is specially designed to clean large, hard floors so you get a spotlessly clean home. This new floor cleaner has a 1-liter clean water tank, which is enough to clean up to 290 square meters of floor.

What is special in Dyson WashG1

Dyson says that what makes WashG1 special is its three types of technologies – hydration, absorption, and extraction. Together, these three technologies clean wet and dry dirt in one go. Additionally, it automatically separates the dirt, making cleaning easy and hassle-free.

Charlie Park, President of Home Engineers at Dyson, says, 'There have been a variety of wet floor cleaners on the market for some time now, but when it comes to removing stains, cleaning dirt, and polishing floors, Most people remain dissatisfied. Dyson engineers find solutions to problems others ignore and embrace the challenge of creating better technology. The result of this thinking is Dyson WashG1 – our first-floor cleaner that can clean hard floors efficiently and cleanly.

What is the technology behind WashG1?

The Dyson WashG1 floor cleaner has two special rollers that rotate against each other. Additionally, a pump keeps spraying an even amount of clean water throughout the roller. These rollers are made of highly absorbent microfiber, each square centimeter of which has 64,800 fine fibers. Dyson claims that this microfiber, combined with a constant spray of clean water, absorbs wet stains and the fibers remove dry soil, dust, and hair. In this way, stains and dirt are removed in one go.

Collects dirty water

WashG1 has a special technology that takes care of cleanliness along with cleanliness. This technology separates dirt and dirty water in one place. This makes it very easy to throw away the dirt, you don't even have to use your hands. This system uses strong plates to remove dirty water from the roller. This dirty water gets stored in a 0.8-liter tank. At the same time, small brushes mounted on the roller put all the dry dirt in a separate outlet tray. Not only this, a 500-micron mesh traps large particles and collects them in the head of the machine itself, which can then be easily removed.

Dyson WashG1 Availability

Dyson WashG1 is designed in such a way that it is very easy to maintain. Due to the wide opening of the tank and the absence of sharp edges inside, dirt does not accumulate and is easily cleaned. The self-clean feature rinses the machine after use, making it completely ready for next use. You can keep the amount of water in this floor cleaner low, medium, or high according to your needs and floor. Dyson WashG1 will be available in India soon. To get information about its availability, you can visit Dyson. in.