Donation Scams: Donation scams are happening on a large scale in the country, government-issued warning!


pc: amarujala

Every day different types of new scams are coming to light in the country. Courier scams in the name of government and cyber agencies have already wreaked havoc. Now, a new scam related to donations is in the news. Even the noble cause of charity in the country has not been spared from scams and the magnitude of this scam can be gauged from the fact that the government had to issue a warning about it.

A cyber ​​friend has posted on X and urged everyone to beware of donation scams. It is important to ensure that your donation reaches the right place. Any complaint related to such scams should be lodged on the cyber security portal.

In the post, Cyber ​​Dost shared a picture of several fake UPI IDs linked to PM Cares. The original ID and QR code of PM Cares are also given in the photo. The post emphasizes calling 1930 for any kind of online financial fraud.

It is important to be alert and take precautions to avoid falling victim to such scams. , Donating on legitimate and well-known platforms and reporting any suspicious activity will contribute to combating these fraudulent schemes.