Do you know these magical words of Google? If you search you will enjoy it!


PC: tv9hindi

If you also often try to search for something new on Google and keep getting updates here and there, then this information is useful for you. It is important to explore new things and stay updated. Today we will share with you four magical words which will give you magical results when searched. You will get a chance to see these search results in a different way. By searching these 4 magical words, you will not only get a lot of knowledge but will also see some magic.

1. Drop Bear

If you type "Drop Bear" in Google's search bar, you also hear the sounds of the forest and bear in the background. The bear slowly coming on the screen falls down with a thud.

2. To see Chicxulub

magic, type "Chicxulub" in Google's search bar. Your screen will shake as soon as you see Chicxulub Impactor Crater in Arizona in the search results. It will rotate at high speed across your screen.


PC: tv9hindi

3. DART Mission

If you search "DART Mission" on Google, you will see space mission kinetic impactor running. As it loads, your screen will shake.


PC: tv9hindi

4. The Last Of Us

If you type "The Last Of Us" in Google's search bar, your screen will be filled with various plants and leaves, making it impossible for you to see anything. You can choose to delete it if you want.