Do not search these things on Google even by mistake otherwise, you will also be banned!



Activities that violate Google's policies are against the rules. Therefore, it is important that whatever search you do on Google does not go against these policies. Google ensures the protection of privacy of its users through its services. Additionally, Google prohibits unethical or illegal activities. If you search these things then you can be banned.

Illegal content: Google does not allow any type of illegal content, such as adult content related to children, posts/videos/photos promoting violence and hate content. If you search for such things then you can be banned.

Spam content: Google does not allow spam content such as unwanted emails or comments. If you send spam to anyone, you may be banned.



Malware: Google does not allow malware such as viruses and trojans. If you download malware or share its files elsewhere, you may be banned.

Fraud Conspiracy: Google does not allow fraud like phishing and fake reviews. If you are involved in such fraudulent activities, you may be banned.



Policy violations: Things that violate Google's policies, such as inappropriate language, discriminatory comments, sharing someone's personal information without permission, and sharing copyrighted material without permission, are considered wrong.