Do not install Wi-Fi Router at these places, it reduces the internet speed!


Wifi Router Placing:  If the Wi-Fi router is not placed in the right place, the internet speed may decrease. Because of this, your work may stop midway, which you would never want. If you want to avoid this problem, then today we are going to tell you about some locations where you should not place a Wi-Fi router. 


Do not install Wi-Fi at these places even by mistake

on the ground floor

If your house is multi-story then you should try to get WiFi installed on the middle floor and the reason for this is that it provides internet connectivity on both the upper and lower floors, whereas if WiFi is installed only on the ground floor, the range of WiFi is limited to one or two floors only.

Do not make the mistake of keeping it on a stool or table

In many houses, it is seen that the Wi-Fi router is kept on a stool or table, whereas due to this the range of the internet is affected. The Wi-Fi router should always be installed at a little height, this gives the same range everywhere and the internet connectivity remains good.

in a closed room 

If you have installed your WiFi router in a closed room of the house, then there is a high possibility that you will not get internet connectivity in the entire house the range of the internet is affected in a closed room. 

By covering 

If you are installing your WiFi router in a part of the house where it is covered, then the WiFi coverage gets affected due to this. You should avoid keeping it covered.