Do not do these 8 mistakes on the phone, you can be a victim of hacking


Smartphone users need to be cautious. Otherwise, you can also become a victim of hacking. Today we are telling you some important things that every smartphone user should always practice.

 The use of smartphones and the Internet is increasing rapidly. Along with this, new ways of online fraud are increasing. In such a situation, smartphone users need to be cautious. Otherwise, you can also become a victim of hacking. Today we are telling you some such important things, which every smartphone user should always practice.

Update phone from time to time

The phone should be updated from time to time. Because smartphone maker companies issue security updates to avoid new types of cyberattacks. This is the first step to protecting the phone from cyber attacks. For software updates, you can get information about new updates by clicking on the software update of the phone's settings.

Keep Password Protection On

For the security of the phone, it is necessary to always keep password protection on the phone. One can choose a pattern lock, personalized PIN, or an alphabetical-numeric password for the phone. Choose a smart password that you can remember easily, which is difficult for hackers to guess. You can also set the time it takes for your phone to be locked. Always keep this in mind.

Do not use APK file

If you don't know how APK files work, it's better to download the apps from Google Play Store. At present, many apps are not present on the Google Play Store. They can be installed only through an APK file. But doing so can be very dangerous.

Always read term and condition

Always make a habit of reading terms and conditions while downloading apps. You should note that the app that is being downloaded asking you to access the contact book, mic, and the gallery is required to be granted access for that Ace.

Install only trusted apps

Smartphone users should always download trusted apps. These apps should be downloaded from Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Avoid downloading third-party apps.

Keep Bluetooth, GPS, WiFi Off

If not needed, then you should always turn off the phone's Bluetooth, GPS and Wi-Fi service, because through these features hackers can easily hack your phone. So keep them closed unless needed.

Be careful while using Wi-Fi

Avoid using public Wi-Fi. Do not access online banking with such a Wi-Fi connection. Like nowadays free wi-fi is available in railway station, bus station, park, mall. But as far as possible, do not use it for banking transactions at all.

Un-install old apps

Users should always uninstall old and unnecessary apps. Because they not only work to fill the space of your phone but can become a threat to the security of the phone.