Do not charge your phone even by mistake in a public place, now the government has also issued this warning


The government has now issued a warning to people charging their phones in public places. You need to know about this, otherwise, you may get into big trouble. Charging your phone in a public place can lead to fraud.

The Central Government has issued a warning regarding USB charging scams. In this regard, the agency of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology of the Government of India advised that people should avoid charging phones in public places. While charging your phone or laptop in a public place, you can become a victim of juice juice-jacking cyber attack. Due to this your bank account may also become empty. 

Let us tell you that malware has been inserted into the USB port through which you charge your phone in a public place. After this, the USB port syncs your data and transfers it to the device connected to the port. Due to this, your personal information reaches others. Due to this, you can become a victim of some fraud. 

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