Disney Hotstar: Big shock for users, now they will not be able to share Disney Hotstar password!


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After Netflix, Disney Plus is on its way to cracking down on password sharing. Now Disney Plus users will not be able to share passwords. The company is preparing to completely crack down on password sharing. Here we will know when Disney Plus will change its subscription policy for its users and what effect it will have on the users. Additionally, we will go through the monthly and yearly plans of Disney Plus in detail.

According to reports, Disney CEO Bob Iger said the company is planning to launch its "first real foray" into password sharing in June 2024.

Ban on password sharing

According to Iger, the new policy will be implemented two months later in June. Under the new rules, users will not be allowed to share their Disney passwords with friends and relatives outside their household. This means that now, a plan used by an entire group of friends will no longer be possible.

Streaming platform Netflix gained nearly 22 million new subscribers in the second quarter of 2023 by tightening its password-sharing policy. In view of this result, Disney is also preparing to crack down on password sharing.

The company can bring new plans

According to the report, the company will ban password sharing and may also introduce new subscription plans for its users. With the new plan, users will be able to log into their account even outside their home. This means that Disney's upcoming plans will allow users to log into different accounts outside of their homes.

Recently Disney sent an email to its users, stating that users will not be able to share their passwords outside their homes without permission.

Disney's current monthly and yearly plans

Disney's ad-supported plan comes for Rs 149, which offers 3 months validity. At the same time, the price of its annual plan is Rs 499, but in this plan, only one mobile can be seen at a time. The Super ad-supported plan comes at Rs 899 and offers validity for one year. In this plan, two devices can be connected simultaneously. The premium ad-free plan comes for Rs 1499 and offers a one-year validity. You will not see any advertisements in this plan. In this plan, you can connect four devices simultaneously.

Note that all free content available on the platform is available to all users, whether they have a subscription or not. All Hotstar plans are non-refundable, that is, once you purchase the subscription plan, you cannot change your decision and the money will not be refunded.