Digilocker: Now you will not have to keep all the documents in your pocket, this app will make all the work easy!


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Many people keep many documents in their purse, which can cause a lot of trouble. However, their need for fines or emergencies makes it necessary to carry them. There are many documents without which work cannot be done. Now if we tell you that you can keep all these documents in one app and show them when needed, what would you say? Today we will tell you about this easy method, due to which your wallet will not become heavy and you will not have to face much trouble.

The app is completely secure

Whenever people keep various documents in their pockets, there is always a risk of their loss or theft. Also, documents may get torn or turn yellow due to being in the pocket for a long time. In such a situation, you can download the DigiLocker app. This is a government app that you can use to store all types of documents. This app is completely secure, meaning no one can access your documents.


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No one can deny this,

the most important thing is that you can show the uploaded document anywhere and it is completely valid. This means that if you do not have a driving license in your pocket, you can show the license present in DigiLocker to the traffic police. No police officer can refuse to take it. If someone does this then you can complain against him.

These documents can be saved.

On this app, you can save documents like Aadhar Cards, PAN Cards, 10th-12th Certificate, Covid Vaccination Certificate, Ration Card, Pension Certificate, Vehicle RC and Driving License. You can access all these documents from this app itself. Create a folder for documents in this app and show them when needed.