Depression is increasing among children due to META, many American states protested against META, petition filed


The complainant has said that Meta has used such technology to woo teenagers and youth, due to which people are getting addicted to it.

The addiction of watching reels on Instagram is increasing among the youth and children of America. Teenagers and younger youth population are going into depression because of Instagram owned by Meta. Many states of America are saying this in the petition filed against Meta platform. US states say that the Meta platform and its Instagram unit are fueling the mental health crisis of youth by making social media addictive.

In a complaint filed on October 24, attorneys general from 33 states, including California and New York, said Meta repeatedly misled the public about the dangers of its platform, knowingly exposing young children and teenagers to addiction. Now they are forced to use social media. 

Instagram is making teenagers addicted

According to the complaint filed in Oakland, California Federal Court, the states said, 'Meta has used powerful and unprecedented technologies to lure, trap and addict youth and teenagers. Its objective is to earn profit.

Depression among children is increasing due to META,

US states told the court, 'Children have always been the target audience for businesses for a long time. At this age they are being made consumers. They may be more loyal to a brand. Many researches have revealed that due to the use of social media platforms, children are facing negative consequences like depression, anxiety, insomnia. This is also affecting children's education and daily life.

42 cases filed against Meta

Eight other US states and Washington, DC filed similar cases against Meta on Tuesday. A total of 42 such complaints have been lodged against Meta.