Cyber ​​scams are happening in the name of Paytm, if you get calls to link Paytm Payments Bank to another account then do this!



The ban on Paytm Payment Bank has given an important opportunity for cyber criminals to commit fraud. Paytm Payment Bank users are now the target of scammers. If someday you get a call regarding Paytm Payment Bank and any action is discussed, then do not believe it.

Cyber ​​fraudsters are calling Paytm users and luring them to keep their Paytm Payment Bank account active or link their account to some other bank. For this purpose, details like an Aadhaar card, PAN card, or other ID are asked from the users. Once the details are received, OTP is requested to complete the KYC process. On receiving OTP, the amount is immediately transferred from people's bank account. Therefore, do not become a victim of any such scam. It is better to avoid answering any such phone calls.

Common Paytm Fraud Methods:

Fake calls: Scammers pretend to be Paytm employees and ask for OTP or UPI PIN from users.

Fake link: Scammers send links through SMS or email in the name of Paytm. When you click on the link, you are taken to a fake website that can steal your personal information.

Fraudulent Apps: Fraudsters make fraudulent versions of the Paytm app available on sources other than Google Play Store or Apple App Store. When you install a fake app, it can steal your details.

Remember these important things to avoid Paytm fraud:

Paytm employees will never ask you for an OTP or UPI PIN. If someone asks you for an OTP or UPI PIN, it could be a scam.

Paytm will never send you the link through SMS or email. If you find any link in the name of Paytm, do not click on it.

Download the Paytm app only from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Do not download apps from any other source.

Protect your Paytm account with a strong password.

Secure your Paytm account with two-factor authentication (2FA).

Keep track of your Paytm transactions.

Report any suspicious activity to Paytm Customer Service immediately.

Paytm app and UPI transactions will continue to work.

Paytm is not making any such calls. There is no need to complete KYC again to use the Paytm app. Always be cautious when sharing personal details. Carefully verify whether the entity you are sharing data with is authentic. Also, do not share OTP with anyone on the phone.