Cyber ​​Fraud: If you also charge your phone in a public place, be careful, your bank account will be empty!


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People often travel to different places, and most of their time is spent in trains or buses, making phone charging a big concern, which is essential for various tasks nowadays. This is why people often charge their phones at charging points at bus stops or railway stations. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has issued an important alert in this regard. It says that this mistake can put your bank account at risk.

RBI warning:

People who charge their phones in public places may be targeted by cybercriminals. The Reserve Bank of India has issued an advertisement warning that charging points in public places can be very dangerous for your personal data. Cybercriminals can take advantage of such charging points to steal all the data from your phone.

Data theft technique:

This hacking technique is also known as “juice jacking”, in which individuals voluntarily expose their data to hackers. Cybercriminals often install a specific device at charging points in places like railway stations, metro stations, bus stations and airports, where people frequently charge their phones. Once you connect your USB cable, the data transfer begins, potentially affecting your personal photos and bank details.

Preventive measures:

To protect yourself from such frauds, it is advisable to fully charge your phone at home, so that you do not need to charge it on the go. If charging is necessary, use an adapter for charging and avoid connecting your phone directly to a USB port.