Cyber ​​Fraud: Do not click immediately as soon as you receive the e-challan message, otherwise you may be defrauded!


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In this digital era, where work is progressing rapidly, cyber fraud is also increasing at the same pace. In a moment someone sitting far away can empty your bank account and by the time you realize it, the loss has already been done. To avoid this, it is very important to be cautious all the time. Nowadays cyber criminals target people in different ways. Links are sent to people's phones under various pretexts and clicking on them can drain their bank accounts. One such scam is happening regarding fake online traffic challan, where people get a message on their phones about e-challan. Clicking on this leads to fraud.

E-challan through camera:

We know that in today's time, cameras are installed at every red light and road. If you break any traffic rule, these cameras immediately capture your photo and send it to the control room. After this, you receive an e-challan. A message regarding e-challan is sent to the registered mobile number, which contains a link. On clicking, it is revealed that you have broken some traffic rules due to which you have been challenged. By clicking on the link you get complete details of the challan with an attached photo. You can also pay for the ticket from there.

People click immediately.

Cybercriminals are taking advantage of this link to cheat people. People receive a message similar to a traffic ticket from a random number informing them that they have received an e-challan. People quickly click on this link to find out what this challan is. This can be dangerous for them.

What to do to stay safe?

If any such message comes on your phone regarding e-challan, do not click on it immediately. First of all, visit the official e-challan website using your phone. Here, you only need to enter your vehicle number and the last few digits of your license. After this, the complete details of the e-challan will appear in front of you. If there is any genuine violation, you can click on the link. Otherwise, you can find all the necessary information on this website itself.