Create space in these 5 ways, phone will run at the speed of butter!


Smartphone Tips:  Heavy storage is provided in today's smartphones, but due to the continuous downloading of photos, videos, and apps, it gets filled quickly. When the storage is full, the phone becomes slow and may even crash at times. do not worry! Here are 5 easy ways by which you can free up your smartphone's storage and make your phone run as fast as before. 


1. Delete unnecessary apps and data:

Open the Play Store and go to My Apps & games. 

Click on the USED tab and see the apps you have used the least.

Uninstall useless apps.

Go to Settings and click on Apps or Storage.

List apps and see storage usage.

Clear data and cache of less-used apps.

2. Back up and delete photos and videos:

Back up photos and videos using a cloud storage service like Google Photos or Dropbox.

After you've backed up, delete photos and videos from your phone.

Find and delete large files using the Google Files app.

3. Delete music and other media:

Listen to music using streaming services, like Spotify or Gaana

Delete downloaded music and other media.

4. Manage WhatsApp Media:

Go to WhatsApp and click on Settings > Storage.

Find and delete large files.

Remove unnecessary chat media and group media.

5. Factory reset the phone:

This is the last option, but it will erase all data from the phone's storage. Do this only if you have a backup of the data.

Some additional tips:

Update your phone regularly. Updates often include storage optimization improvements.

Expand storage using an SD card.

Store files using cloud storage services.

With these methods, you can free up the storage of your smartphone and run the phone at the same speed as before. Remember that it is important to back up data regularly.