Contacts will be shared as soon as you bring two iPhones close to each other!


Apple Namedrop Feature: iPhone manufacturer Apple keeps introducing new features for its users from time to time, which are very useful for the users. If you are an iPhone user then there is good news for you. Now sharing contacts between two iPhones has become very easy. All this has happened thanks to a feature coming in the iOS 17 update, named NameDrop. This feature is very useful for the users. With the help of the Namedrop feature, now you can easily share contacts just by bringing two iPhones close.


The NameDrop feature works by combining two things. One is Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology and the other is Apple's special design. With this, you can share your contacts with others' iPhones quickly and securely. This feature is very easy to use. Whether you are meeting someone in the office, attending a meeting or event, or making a new friend, sharing contacts has become easy with the help of the NameDrop feature. Let us tell you how to use the NameDrop feature of the iPhone. 

How to use the NameDrop feature

1. First, bring your iPhone within a few centimeters of the top of the other person's iPhone. 

2. Both iPhones will glow and vibrate slightly to indicate that the two phones are connecting. 

3. Keep the two iPhones close together until the NameDrop option appears on both screens.

4. Now you can choose whether you want to share your contact card and take theirs along with it or just take theirs.

5. While sharing the contact, you can choose which information you want to share, such as phone number, email, etc.

6. After selecting the information, tap on the "Save" button.

7. If you want to cancel contact sharing, move both phones away from each other or lock your iPhone before the NameDrop is complete.