Caution: Continuous explosions in OnePlus phones, now OnePlus Nord CE explodes like a bomb


OnePlus was earlier identified as a premium smartphone brand, but in the last two years, the company has launched many phones in less than 30 thousand rupees. OnePlus Nord series was a very popular series for its price and performance, but now its identity has become a 'bomb phone'. It is being said that because for the last one and a half years, there are reports of explosions in the OnePlus Nord series smartphones. Earlier there have been many reports of explosions in the OnePlus Nord 2 and now there is news of explosion in OnePlus Nord CE.


A user named Dushyant Goswami claimed
A user named Dushyant Goswami has complained of a fire in his OnePlus Nord CE phone. Goswami has also shared pictures of the phone on Twitter. According to the claim, Dushyant had bought OnePlus Nord CE 6 months ago. Recently he tried to take the phone out of his pocket, during which there was a loud explosion.

It can be clearly seen in Goswami's tweet that the OnePlus Nord CE looks badly damaged from the front and back. After the blast, the condition of the phone has become such that it is difficult to even identify it. Goswami has now deleted the tweet. According to the report, the company has promised him a new phone, after which he has deleted the tweet.


OnePlus phones have already had blasts
This may be the first case of a OnePlus Nord CE explosion, but it is not the first case of a OnePlus phone catching fire. Even before this, many phones of the OnePlus Nord series have exploded in which users have also been injured. Earlier in November last year, a user named Suhit Sharma had claimed that his thigh was burnt due to the explosion in OnePlus Nord 2. After a lot of controversy on this matter, now the company had promised to pay the cost of treatment and refund. Suhit bought OnePlus Nord 2 from Amazon only two months ago. Before the blast in the phone, neither the phone got hot nor there was any other problem. There was a sudden explosion in the pocket of the pants, due to which Suhit's thigh was severely burnt, after which Suhit had to be admitted to the hospital.


Samsung discontinued the Note 7 series
Earlier in 2016, the company had discontinued this phone after the news of a continuous explosion in the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The fear of the Galaxy Note 7 series was so much that the company's airlines had banned this phone. This Galaxy Note 7 also caused a loss of about 2.3 billion (Rs 15,375 crore) to the company in the third quarter of 2016. The Galaxy Note 7 caught fire due to a fault in the battery. Now for the last 6 months, there are reports of fire in OnePlus' Nord series phones, but the company has not yet announced to discontinue the series or take any concrete steps.