Break the old system and give shape to the new world, know-how realme became the world's number 6 brand


Few people knew about Realme, today this brand has become the world's number 6 smartphone brand in just three years due to its hard work. It has achieved this feat by beating around 41 brands.

The success of a company depends on the fact that its product or service is better and economical, the management and employees working in it is energetic and its vision for the future is clear. There are very few companies, which can balance these things in a better way and make a place in the hearts of their customers. Till a few years ago, few people knew about realme, the company that makes smartphones and other technology products, today this brand has become the world's number 6 smartphone brand in just three years due to its hard work. It has achieved this feat by beating around 41 brands.

Reached heights in less time

When realme started its journey in the year 2018, no one thought that in a short period this brand would overtake many smartphone makers in the world and join the top brands. But it did it. Today it is the fastest-growing smartphone brand in the world. The company gives all the credit to the innovative team, energetic young employees, and customers. According to Counterpoint Research, the realme brand was ranked 47th in the second quarter of 2018. It sold a total of 1.2 million units at that time. By the second quarter of 2021, the brand has secured the sixth position. They sold a total of over 15 million units in this quarter. It was made 135 years after year. showed a growth of 1 percent. By looking at the graph of Counterpoint Research, it is known that the brand has attracted customers through its products from the very beginning. realme has reached more than 100 million users globally. It is the fastest brand to achieve this feat.

Got a lot of love from Indian users

As a brand, realme has lived up to the expectations of the industry and users since its inception. It has expanded to over 61 countries across the globe and is ranked among the top 5 brands in more than 18 of these countries. Talking about the second quarter of 2021, this company ranks first in the Philippines and Bangladesh. At the same time, Russia is in third place and Europe is in fifth place in the region. Its shipments in India have reached 50 million units, which is the fastest compared to the rest of the brand. realme has secured the fourth position in the Indian smartphone market with a 14.6% market share. This shows that Indian users are very fond of this brand

Continuous work on innovation and technology

Users like realme because it has been working on new types of innovation and technology since its inception. This is the reason that many times its technology becomes a trend for the tech-savvy. The brand has given the industry the Dart Charge, the highest number of 5G smartphones, the first 64MP smartphone, high refresh rate displays, 2K display laptops, etc. He has given the best designs to the industry like Concave Vegan Leather, Light, and Matt in One Piece Design, Fluorescent Design, Master Design. Apart from innovation and technology, realme's products are quite affordable, which is available to all types of users. Whether it is a matter of premium smartphones or mid-range and budget smartphones, users like their smartphones very much.

Realme techlife universe

Realme started its journey with a smartphone, but gradually it also made other technology-based products and strengthened its hold in it too. Today realme is making many more products from smartphones to smart TVs, earbuds, smart bands, smartwatches, etc. It entered a new category on an average every month from 2020 onwards and slowly built up the Realme TechLife universe.

Realme's growth journey has been phenomenal. The brand will continue this success going forward and will continue to bring better and innovative products to the users at affordable prices. At present, the brand is continuously launching 5G smartphones in every segment, so that it can reach every person in India and users can enjoy the fast technology experience. Its market share of 5G smartphones stood at 22% in the second quarter of 2021.