Attention! Do not use WhatsApp Delta even by mistake, otherwise, your account may be blocked forever


There are many fake versions of WhatsApp available on the Internet. One of these is WhatsApp Delta. If you are using this app then your WhatsApp account can be blocked. WhatsApp does not guarantee the security of these third-party apps.

WhatsApp is one of the top messaging apps in the world and currently millions of users are connected to this platform. WhatsApp has been introducing new features from time to time, which are of great use to the users. However, even after having so many features, many users download the fake version of WhatsApp in the desire of more features and then hackers make them their target. Among these fake apps, the biggest name on the list is WhatsApp Delta. We are going to tell you in detail about WhatsApp Delta in this news.

WhatsApp Delta

WhatsApp Delta app is a fake version of WhatsApp. This app is developed by Deltalab Studio. It ranges from color, accent color to app theme and custom font. Features like Auto Reply and Do Not Disturb will be available in this app. Apart from this, messages sent in WhatsApp Delta can be modified. However, this app is not available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The APK file of this app can be downloaded from third-party sites.

WhatsApp account can be banned forever

According to the information available on WhatsApp's FAQ page, WhatsApp does not recommend using pirated versions of its platform. If a user uses a fake app of WhatsApp, then his account can be banned. Even after this, if users do not use the official app, then their account can be banned forever.

A fake version of WhatsApp

Let us tell you that WhatsApp Delta and GB Whatsapp are fake versions of WhatsApp. WhatsApp has advised its users to use the official app. The company says that we do not guarantee the security of the fake version. This is a third-party app. These can lead to theft or leaking of personal data.