ATM Card Fraud: Keep these things in mind while withdrawing money from the ATM, otherwise the bank account will be empty!


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Often we are very careless while withdrawing money from ATMs, that is, our focus remains only on withdrawing money.

One mistake at the ATM can drain your entire bank account. Many people are waiting for such carelessness. Therefore it is important to keep some things in mind.

Whenever you enter your PIN in an ATM, cover it with your hand. Don't let the person standing behind you figure out your PIN.


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Do not share your PIN details with anyone, and do not disclose your PIN to anyone in any message or call.

Many people write their PIN on the cover of their ATM card. This can be quite dangerous and may lead to fraud.


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Don't keep your PIN too simple. Often people use their date of birth or the last digit of their mobile number as their PIN. They should avoid doing this.

If money is not withdrawn then do not give your ATM to any stranger, because your ATM may be cloned.